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Clarity is Clearspace’s modular office design standard. Clarity designs flexible workspaces that can transform to meet a broad range of tenant needs.

With COVID-19 and the challenges it poses for the office, Clarity-designed modular spaces can easily adapt to additional health and safety needs, while maintaining flexibility for a return to original plan.

Flexibility in Furnishings

Furnished suites make your space more appealing to tenants but can be a hassle to manage. Clearspace’s furniture allows landlords to offer a truly turnkey experience without the capital expenditure or hassle. Stage your space with short term leases, or lease-to-purchase for clients who want a full turnkey experience.

COVID-19 Adapted Designs

With the changing environment, we’ve placed renewed focus on health and safety in the office. We’ve developed design thinking based on guidelines from healthcare professionals, office space experts and policymakers so that tenants can work safely and comfortably.

Designing for the Future

Managing density for physical distancing – Spaces can be designed to maintain physical distancing requirements, including communal areas such as cafeterias and lounges.
Planned for health & safety – Sanitation stations, re-designed entry points and planned circulation paths help facilitate tenant health and safety.
Flexible for the future – Our spaces are able to return to maximum capacity and adapt to future needs.

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