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Reconfigurable model suites to meet your leasing needs.

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Model Suites Made Easy

Clearspace brings all the services you need to build a model suite under one roof. With a single point of contact, our projects have a typical turnaround time of 4 months.

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Data Driven Space Designs

Smart Suites are designed with Clarity, Clearspace’s modular design standard.

Using our proprietary office utilization data, we’ve taken a technology-driven approach to designing workspaces so that we can build and furnish an office at 35% in cost savings and 30% faster delivery time compared to the broader industry.

Data Driven Design

Ensures that every square foot is used effectively

Smart Build Standards

Optimize construction cost

Modular Components

Allow space to be easily reconfigured to meet evolving needs

Design & Branding

To create a unique space

We Build for Flexibility

Reconfigurable Spaces

  • With smart planning, space changes for alternative uses can be made with minimal additional cost
  • Larger suites can be designed with built-in demise plans for future use

Modular Components

  • Can be easily be swapped and reconfigured
  • Recycle improvements across tenancies
  • Flexible furnishing lets you appeal to a larger tenant pool
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595 Bay St

Size: 11,410 SQFT

20 Victoria Street

Size: 3,067 SQFT

33 Yonge St

Size: 22,365 SQFT

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