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A COVID-19 Response Guide for Canadian Businesses

Clearspace designs, builds and manages offices for rapidly growing Toronto-based companies. When we started reviewing COVID-19 recovery guidance for ourselves and our clients, we realized COVID-19 left companies like us with a  different set of challenges that was often not considered. This guide contains close to 50 recommendations that we’ve reviewed and vetted for your use, with actionable steps and detailed insights.

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The Challenges We Face

Your team has been asked to do more with less. Your limited resources have already been allocated to more important priorities. While your office has been an important home to you, spending more resources on it is difficult and pulls on your ability to deliver for your customers.

Previously face-to-face teams have now been working remotely for months. The isolation, combined with challenges of communication, are a big drain on your team morale. Yet a return to the workplace might not solve this problem – COVID-19 fears are still ever present. Your culture has been your strength, and now you’re at risk of losing it.

Dealing with COVID-19 requires an understanding of health, legal, social and political frameworks. That’s a lot of information to process for an already stretched team, and it is extremely difficult to stay up-to-date given the constant changes and updates. You’re already busy trying to keep your business alive, and yet the ever changing conditions make it even harder.

This first wave of shutdowns has already damaged your business. While this return to work is a ray of light, it is unclear what the future holds, and there is a chance that further disruptions might arise. You have your hands full already, and are struggling to grasp and manage these future risks.

A Living Guide

Our understanding of COVID-19 is evolving and safety measures could change. We are actively updating this site with any changes to our thinking and recommendations. If you have feedback or would like to suggest improvements, give us a shout at – we appreciate any opportunity to make this a better resource.

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