Who is Clearspace?

The Clearspace mission is to help teams thrive by providing a best-in-class workplace experience.  Our founding team has worked in the office space industry together for over 5 years.  We’ve worked with workplace thought leaders such as: Apple, Google, Nike, Steelcase and Herman Miller.  These experiences have exemplified how powerful the workplace could be as a tool for hiring, motivating teams and building culture.

On the flip side, we also learned that the cost and effort required to achieve a winning workplace was prohibitive for almost all growing companies.  We all saw our peers struggle to manage their workplaces.  We also personally learned this lesson having moved through 4 different sub-par offices in four years… and we were experts!  Leases were too long, furniture was expensive and construction was both time prohibitive and costly. It was impossible for any growing company to achieve the workplace experience that their teams deserved.

We launched Clearspace to solve this issue, to democratize a best-in-class workplace experience.  We provide turnkey, single-tenant offices with flexible terms for growing companies (30-200 people).  More than that, we tailor each office to match our tenant’s work style and culture.  Every space is unique and every single client that has stayed in one of our spaces has been blown away by the experience.  Today, we manage over 50,000 sqft of space for happy, growing customers.

Our Values

Integrity First

We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We don’t give up when it’s tough. We get back up after we fail.

Treat People Well

We build relationships based on respect and transparency.


We focus on the things that matter. We don’t sweat the small stuff.

Continuous Improvement

We push our limits to be better. We are never complacent.